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Industry Introduction



The Group, established in 1997, is located in Qingdao Free Trade Zone and is a modern enterprise integrating in sale of seafood, bonded warehouse logistics, hotel catering and seafood chain supermarkets. The Group has realized distribution processing of seafood so as to make perfect connection of production, supply and sale and push the industry to the track of benign development.


The Group has five self-owned sub-companies: Qingdao Qiantongyuan Seafood Co., Ltd., Qingdao Qiantongyuan Logistics Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Branch of Qingdao Qiantongyuan Seafood Ltd., Qingdao Hailongquan Trading Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Hailongquan Seafood Co., Ltd.


  Quality Warranty


As a primary processing enterprise, Qiantongyuan Seafood always pays attention to product quality. It buys raw materials and manufactures products strictly in accordance with QS certification system so as to guarantee food safety. All seafood materials are purchased from wharfs. It has established a long-time cooperative relationship with many masters of fishing boats, so that its products are guaranteed to be fresh and green, and no additives are used in production. In the production, the quality control team is responsible for monitoring sanitation and process standards, and the functional zones of the workshops are clearly divided, and the responsibly is assigned to group and person. The company has established a long-time cooperative relationship with Qingdao Quality and Technical Supervision Inspection Bureau, and the Qingdao Quality and Technical Supervision Inspection Bureau will conduct the special quality inspection on each batch of seafood bought by the company and issue the inspection report. Moreover, as for the packing materials of seafood, the suppliers must provide the material quality inspection report issued by professional organizations so as to completely eradicate the use of the packing materials harmful to human body. The company promises that each product sold to the customers meets the standards of National Food Safety Law and works hard to be a food enterprise with morality.


Advanced Equipment


  In order to meet the brisk demand on seafood at home, the company made the phase two expansion project on workshops, refrigerated warehouses and special equipment in 2011, and presently this project was completed. Currently, it has refrigerated warehouses with a capacity of 4,000 tons, domestically advanced automated large-scale deep-processing quick-frozen equipment and streamline production lines; and its daily capacity of producing seafood is more than 5 tons, so the company can provide fresh and excellent instant, dry and frozen seafood throughout the year.


In the philosophy of “Development is the Absolute Principle” and the principle of good products, good service and good reputation, the Group insists on global perspective, fully carries out the industrial strategy of internationalized quality products, tries its best to build first-class scale, first-class brand and first-class team, further improves internal management, enhances product quality and strengthens the communication with counterparts so as to realize all-win in the industry and better serve the society.

Hailongquan Group 
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