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Hailongquan Group has accumulated rich experience in bidding and international trade through many years of practice, and has trained a number of well-educated talents with compound specialties who are proficient in international bidding, government procurement and project bidding and other procurement and bidding projects, and who are versed in international trade and skilled at operating highly complicated major projects. Hailongquan Group has maintained smooth channels of communication and good working relationships with governmental departments and industry associations, to provide timely and thoughtful services to the commissioning parties, and significantly reduce the risks in general investments and procurement contracts.


Hailongquan Group has been following the practices of international trade, and upholding the business philosophy of abiding by contracts, keeping promises, providing quality services, and seeking mutual benefits and win-win situations. Hailongquan Group has established broad partnerships with the international business circle, industries, the science and technology field, and the financial sector, to closely link the Chinese and the international markets through the tie of trade. Hailongquan Group is willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from various circles at home and abroad for our common development.

Hailongquan Group 
Add: No.44, Moscow Road, Qingdao Free Trade Zone Tel:86959659
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