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Hotel Introduction

Hailongquan Hotel integrates accommodation, catering, business, conference and other services. It offers luxurious, elegant and comfortable rooms of different types. The rooms are bright and spacious, equipped with full facilities and free Internet access, to meet the needs of different guests. The restaurant of the hotel mainly offers Shandong cuisines, and uses self-produced raw materials, to create the concept of green meals, having won the favor of customers, and created good social and economic benefits, which has won the hotel high visibility in the region. Since its inception, the hotel has been adhering to the principle of honesty, to create a service atmosphere where customers feel satisfied and contented with staying in Zhongshan. Through the sound system, strict quality control and rigorous training, the hotel has set a high-quality and friendly team of staff. It is the ideal place for your entertainment!

Hailongquan Group 
Add: No.44, Moscow Road, Qingdao Free Trade Zone Tel:86959659
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