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Supermarket Introduction

Established in July 2013, Qingdao Hailongquan Food Co., Ltd. is located in Yanghe Town, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, and is a subsidiary of Hailongquan Group. The company mainly produces dried seafood. Founded in September 2010, Qingdao Hailongquan Trade Co., Ltd. is located on Beijing Road, Qingdao Bonded Zone. The company is a subsidiary of Hailongquan Group, which is a sales company of Qingdao Qiantongyuan Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Hailongquan Food Co., Ltd., to realize the independent production and sale of the Group. The company mainly produces “Hailongquan” dried seafood, frozen seafood, dried sea cucumber, and medium and high-end seafood gifts packed in boxes.


Qingdao Hailongquan Trade enjoys unique advantages in the market in Xinjiang relying on their own seafood processing plant and the group. By introducing medium and high-end specialties of Xinjiang, Hailongquan Trade strives to build a conscientious, green and pollution-free food distribution company. Hailongquan Trade has been upholding the business philosophy of “Customer First, Honest Management, Quality Orientation, and Constant Improvement”.


With the continuous expansion of business and their follow-up of the constant market demands, Hailongquan Trade set up a branch in the development zone in December 2011, and recruits agents nationwide.


Main Business of the Company


The main products are divided into two categories:


I. Seafood: Seafood is subdivided into four series: high-end seafood gift boxes, iced seafood, dried seafood, and instant seafood, with more than 400 varieties, including 106 types of iced seafood, 327 types of dried seafood, and 12 types of instant seafood. Each type has a unique style and beautiful packaging, making Hailongquan product series become the best choice for family consumption, procurement of enterprises, organizations or individuals, and gifts for friends and relatives.


II. Xinjiang specialties: the company is committed to operating medium and high-end products from Xinjiang, and pure green pollution-free foods. Xinjiang's unique geographical position has lent many of her products advantages such as primary ecological state and benefits for health care and preservation. The main products include Xinjiang Kunlun snow daisy, wild Apocynum, lycopene, Xinjiang jujube (Ruoqiang jujube, Hami jujube and Hotan jujube), deacidification beef and mutton, Xinjiang seasonal fruits (Aksu apples, Korla pears etc.), with more than 20 varieties in six categories.

Hailongquan Group 
Add: No.44, Moscow Road, Qingdao Free Trade Zone Tel:86959659
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